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Europe: Reminder That Nintendo Zone Ends Next Week

Some Nintendo fans in Europe have relied on the Nintendo Zone locations for event distributions, but Nintendo Europe has told Nintendo 3DS owners that it’s set to end. The Nintendo Zone service will be discontinued next week on Wednesday 28th March. Presumably many European countries will get now get serial codes for event distributions now. We shall have to wait and see what happens.



      1. It’s funny, you fanboys all said when Wii U’s Tvii, or whatever it was called, was being discontinued, because that was Nintendo’s phaseout of the Wii U, now they do something similar with the 3DS, and you say it’s a useless service, that the 3DS isn’t being discontinued- for something that’s not being phased out, they sure are ending a LOT of things for it including MiiVerse, StreetPass (relays in Japan, which will eventually be done in the West), Badge Aracade- yeah, those remakes/ports coming to 3DS are a sure sign it’s alive and well!! Get real!


    1. i really didnt like that application myself i hope they get the option to remove it aswell as the miiverse icon on the 3ds too.


      1. Nintendo won’t remove them. Face it. Us poor 3DS users are doomed to continue looking at an app icon we can’t even use anymore. Least the Nintendo Zone icon can be put in a folder & put at the ass end of the menu where you won’t ever go. (It’s what I did with Ninty Zone. Wish I could do the same with the Miiverse one…) :/


  1. Whatever some Switch fanboys may beleive, the 3DS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The support into 2019 and beyond proves it. Until the 3DS is officialy discontinued, everything else is just poor speculation and wishful thinking of arrogant switch fanboys.

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