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Pokemon GO: New Gym Leader Avatar Items Available

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account has announced that brand new Gym Leader avatar items are now available in the popular augmented reality game. The items allow you to show off your achievements in the game. What you can get depends on your Gym Leader medal rank.



  1. Great… As if some of us don’t already have a major issue with gym hoarders. You know, those people who seem to have an unlimited supply of golden razberries and heal their Pokemon mid battle when you are attempting to take over the gym they had for a week. And if you do get a chance to take it over, they mysteriously take it back over 10 minutes later. Then suddenly every gym nearby that person is in along with every other Pokemon in it gets revived to full CP.


    1. Did they ever fix the thing where if you take down a gym and immediately after that some other idiot comes along and puts there pokemon in before you even have a chance to?


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