Super Mario Bros VR Has Recently Been Updated

Nintendo is extremely hesitant about getting on board the virtual reality bandwagon which is fair enough at this point in time. However, if you are a VR enthusiast, you’ll be interested to know that Super Mario Bros. VR from Nimso Ny is available and has recently had an update. The game now allows you to break blocks with your hands and the Goombas are looking more deadly than ever. Have a watch here.

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  1. You are a Nintendo site and you are advertizing a product that is illegally using Nintendo’s properties and acting like it is normal. This is absurd!

    1. It’s a news site which is about Nintendo news, it’s not a Nintendo site, so you’re really talking nonsense.

      1. It’s a news site and therefore should not advertize illegal products like it’s a normal thing. So, that makes your comment nonsense.

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