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Square Enix Announces New Development Studio Luminous Productions

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., today announced a newly established development studio, Luminous Productions Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan.

Luminous Productions was established with the purpose of developing new AAA titles and bringing innovative game and other entertainment content to a global audience.

Staffed with members of the creative team behind “FINAL FANTASY XV” developed within another Square Enix Group studio, Square Enix Co., Ltd., Luminous Productions further builds on Square Enix Group’s vision to create new intellectual properties alongside our existing studios.

More information regarding Luminous Productions’s new projects will be revealed at a later date.

Source: PR



  1. The purpose of this team should be to optimize their power hungry luminous engine… That thing is so poorly optimized, the only engine worse than that is Frostbyte by DICE.
    They deliver good results… But cannot scale down to weaker platforms or lower PC specs.
    Their other studios should stick to the Unreal Engine 4


  2. Maybe these fucks could fix their shitty ass sites while they’re at it! This company has shown me in just a few hours last night/early morning that Nintendo is not the worst when it comes to their online sites. There is no option to change your email for the Square Enix Members site/store/forums and there is no option to easily link your Members account to your Square Enix Account account. I spent hours trying to figure shit out because of how fucking complicated it was and I got NOWHERE. I’m surprised these sites are actually operational with how terrible they are.


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