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Suda51 Says There’s A Possibility Of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Retail Release

One of the biggest third-party titles coming to the Nintendo Switch is the upcoming Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. The action-packed title will be coming this year to Nintendo’s latest platform. Siliconera recently caught up with creator Suda51 to ask him whether the game will receive a retail release. He said it’s a possibility but Grasshopper is publishing the game so it’s up to them.

Is Travis Strikes Again going to have a retail release?

Goichi Suda: Maybe. Grasshopper Manufacture is handling publishing for this title.



  1. So they’re not planning on physical releases? Damn! As much as I want to I guess I won’t be getting this then, I don’t do digital purchase. ..

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    1. i agree with you plumbertimebitch this is why i didn’t get yookalaylee as it’s not physical but if it is getting a physical version day one buy for me i just wish devs would do physical versions and not just digital i know it cuts corners but what if your console breaks and it’s past your warentee ? You’re Fucked there but if it’s physical you can get an new console and not worry about downloading. hence why i only have a few game on my switch i prefer my 3ds, psp and snes mini

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      1. Tell that to Steam where most digital games never expire. Digital can be great if Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, & others don’t put an expiration date on the games & allow people to carry them over to new systems. Of course with Nintendo foolishly wanting their next system to be so vastly different from the last, that’s not happening any time soon on their systems. Sony & Microsoft will be less of an issue, though, since their systems are just stronger versions and with a little technical prowess can be made backwards compatible with digital games. With the right set up, digital can be pretty damn good. We seem to be on the road to that happening. The only thing holding that age back from my point of view is Nintendo & “physical is awesome & digital is evil” crowd.


      2. too true even sonic mania is getting a physical after being digital only if that title can do it why not other games too?


  2. Woah. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t a physical release from day one. I realize they are a small team, but… I always took this for a larger project.


  3. Despite the fact that this isn’t a regular NMH game, I’m just glad to have Travis back. Can’t say I’m too impressed with that I’ve seen, but maybe it’ll be worth it depending on the price.


  4. If you want indie games, you better get use to the idea of digital only games or you’re in for a rough ride with owning a Switch where the majority of games you are getting seem to be indie games.


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