Video: Super Mario 64: Ocarina Of Time Mod Released For PC

The Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time ROM hack is now available for PC. The game aims to put the Mushroom Kingdom’s characters in and reiterate the story of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with them. You can have a watch of what to expect from the ultimate mashup in the video below.



      1. Nah, that’s the best one, BUT if you have a free USB cable laying around you can hook up your PS4 controller to it.

        Im not sure if youll need drivers for it though, but I know you can definitely use a PS4 controller on PC.


      2. I’ve had a USB cable AND a USB wall plug-in on hand for just as long as I’ve had my PS4. In fact, it’s rarely unplugged since I got a wall outlet/extension cord right by me.

        *an hour or so after typing that first part* And my laptop is stupid as it apparently turns my sound off when I got the PS4 controller plugged in through the USB cord. Luckily, it’s easily resolved by unplugging the USB cord, have the window for the game open, THEN plug the USB cord in. Not sure if it’s my laptop, though, as it could be the USB cord.


      3. Not really sure, maybe its just a driver. I know mine acts up when I open programs like Fruity Loops, and Adobe Audition or Premier. Its good that you found a work around though, thats really all that matters.


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