Nintendo Switch

There’s A Firmware Update For Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Nintendo has released a brand new update for the system’s Joy-Con controllers that’s available to manually download on your Nintendo Switch console in System Settings. Here’s how you can update your Joy-Con controllers:

1. Select the System Settings on the HOME Menu.
2. Scroll down through the System Settings menu and select Controllers and Sensors.
3. Select Update Controllers, to start the controller update process. Please note that this will only update any Joy-Con controllers that are connected to the Nintendo Switch console.




      1. So as I would press down on my control stick it would input down until I flicked it back up. I calibrated many times to no avail. I put off sending the joycon in for repair because it didnt seem like a hardware issue. Sure enough the update made the control stick input properly. Does that make sense?

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      2. Yes thnx. Almost the same I think. When I released the joystick from a direction, it would flick so hard that it actually thought I was pushing the joystick in the released momentum direction, causing accidental turnarounds of my character.


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