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New Special Outfits Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey, Satellaview Suit & Helmet and Baseball Uniform & Batting Helmet

Two new special outfits are now available for Mario to try on in Super Mario Odyssey. The Satellaview Suit & Helmet and Baseball Uniform & Batting Helmet have been added to the post-game shop, so be sure to take a look at them when you get a chance. To view the official artwork for these new outfits, check out the images in the gallery below:


43 thoughts on “New Special Outfits Now Available In Super Mario Odyssey, Satellaview Suit & Helmet and Baseball Uniform & Batting Helmet”

      1. Right? I would be happy even with just a New Game+. With Mario Galaxy, if you got 120 stars you unlocked Luigi. Why can’t we have something like that for Odyssey…

      1. It needs to be. It’d be so fun to play through Odyssey in it’s entirety again with a completely different outfit (especially if the outfit isn’t gained til the post-game but post-game is dull because the only thing left to do is mindless wandering for collecting moons when they serve no purpose anymore. I now get why cronotose wasn’t too excited at the prospect of another collect-a-thon for a Super Mario game.) I’d go into more detail but we’ve already had this conversation about New Game+ concerning BotW’s lack of it.

        1. Let me get this straight. Getting the Power Moons you’ve already gotten again but with a different outfit would be fun but getting the ones you haven’t yet wouldn’t be? I’d rather go for the 100%. Which I did.

          1. I’m not going for 100% in Odyssey or BotW. 100 of something is cool. 200 of something is fine. 300 is pushing it. 400 and more is just ridiculous padding. At least give some worthwhile story and a better reward than a gold piece of poop for all of that work. If this is the future of Nintendo games, I’m killing the completionist in me when it comes to Nintendo. If I want mindless fun, I’ll just go play the original Super Mario Bros.

            1. Ok. So don’t see the levels and stuff you’re missing in Odyssey. No skin off my nose. A good amount of that stuff post game was pretty fun even with the story being done. I honestly can’t wait for actually substantial DLC like a new Kingdom and even MORE Moons. Korok seeds you can have but I enjoyed the little puzzles. That was the reward for me. I hope you at least did all of the Shrines. I was so pumped with the DLC ones that were added even if the “dungeon” wasn’t that great. I really wanted another Hyrule Castle but whatever, I got my moneys worth 😊

              1. I’ll check out the extra kingdoms for a small few moons but that’s as far as my post-game will go if there isn’t story and a worthwhile reward. Maybe if achievements were a thing, maybe. (Thanks to Sony Rewards, getting trophies isn’t just for bragging rights anymore.)

                  1. If there is no story, there is no need for me to see more of the game so I’ll check out the new kingdoms that are in the post-game for 2 or 3 moons & move on to another game. So I guess I should actually thank Nintendo for all of that padding to make one play through longer and the lack of NG+. Shame, though, as I would love to play BotW & SMO’s stories 2 or 3 times in a row in different outfits but oh well. BotW isn’t THAT great anyway. Now Xenoblade, Witcher 3, & a few others are a different story. No comment on SMO as I didn’t really get to play it long enough to really get invested in it. Maybe my opinion of the padding & lack of story in SMO will change when I play more of it in the future. For now, my opinion will remain unchanged.

                      1. For me, story, good looking graphics/artstyle, good gameplay, & a good amount of content IS fun. Even if you don’t care about all of those things and just want fun for the sake of fun, that’s fine because there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is gonna have the same opinion about what constitutes as fun, anyway. So you’re conclusion that I play just for a story & not for fun is wrong.

                        1. I meant more of what you seem to be putting more emphasis on in our little back and forth. To me a great story is a great bonus but it can be made up for in other areas like Breath of the Wild does. It doesn’t have an OoT or MM level story but my god the rest is sooooooooo good. All I need different in a sequel is more traditional dungeons and I’m set.

                          1. Oh. In that case, you’re absolutely right. lol I need a story or no amount of good looks, content, or gameplay is gonna keep me interested for long. Except maybe music. If there is one thing I’d probably put more concern on than story, it’s music. Of course, Super Mario doesn’t always have the most enthralling music & BotW is probably the weakest entry when it comes to the music and I hope it doesn’t become the norm, because if I want to hear the sound of the wild, I’ll just turn the music off. One of Nintendo’s weakest points is the lack of audio options, though, so I’d have to play a different game for the option to turn it off.

                            1. I actually really like how BotW restricts the musical themes to towns and such. It also makes Hyrule Castle pack even more of a punch when it has that epic theme throughout and makes it really distinct from the overworld. I’m playing ALttP right now on my SNES Classic and having an big overworld theme again is a bit jarring lol. Mario doesn’t have enthralling music? Duuuuuuuude. Mario games have some the BEST music!!! (3D Mario anyway). Odyssey didn’t have as many tracks as the Galaxy games but what it does have is really good too like Bowser’s Kingdom. Gusty Garden will always be the pinnacle though.

                              1. That’s why Nintendo could add two audio options for music: one to turn off field music & one to turn off town/dungeon music.

                                If I meant no enthralling music at all, I wouldn’t have added the “doesn’t always” part and would have simply said doesn’t have enthralling music. There’s been a few enthralling music tracks in Super Mario games on par with Donkey Kong Country, Metroid, & Zelda. For instance, in Paper Mario, there is the music in the ice zone areas or the music that plays in that one starry area where I wanted to linger in the area and just enjoy the music.

                      2. Since I can’t reply to your other comment about being able to skip Odyssey’s mini games because of New Game + you do realize that pretty much breaks the game to go through the story with all of your previous Moons right? Just start a new file and rush the story not caring about Moons and there you go. Outfits? Too bad. That’s not how the game works.

                        1. Something like Moons wouldn’t be effected since it’s part of the main game so those would reset. They aren’t Korok Seeds, after all, which is just a side quest. And that is too bad about the outfits. Too bad for the game, that is, since not being able to play the game in it’s entirety in all the different outfits will keep me from playing it multiple times in a row. No skin off my back, though. It just means more time for other games.

                          1. Oh and for me simple outfits wouldn’t be enough. I’d happily do everything again as Luigi though like the first Galaxy but whatever. Other games I’ve done multiple times were the Metroid Prime games in their original versions and again in the Trilogy in different difficulties. Zelda is extremely long so I haven’t gone for Master Mode yet. I will one day though.

                            1. I like having different outfits for the customization factor so that’s why I like the idea of a NG+ as I like to see the different outfits in the game’s story’s cutscenes. (I guess I should make it clear I wouldn’t play the game again in every single outfit but merely the outfits I like the most; like I did with Xenoblade Chronicles. A shame Xenoblade Chronicles’s NG+ wasn’t like Bravely Default’s where you can choose what carries over into NG+ beyond just outfits and weapons.)

                              1. New Game + is a rare feature. Recently I’ve only seen it in DOOM where you can replay missions with everything you have. In Metroid Prime you had it too but it was only for everything you’ve scanned.

              2. Why would you want to go through the Shiveria races, volleyball, jump rope, cryptic moon hunts, and final banzai bullet challenge all over again?

                1. You don’t have to. You can skip 300 moons to unlock the final kingdom, which comes after beating Bowser. There are more kingdoms after the credits roll. Plus playing the game is just fun, that’s why.

                2. That’s the beauty of New Game+: you can skip the annoying, shitty mini-games & side quests because the items you got from them are in your possession from the start of New Game+. New Game+ would have been nice for games like Final Fantasy X as you don’t have to do those horrible, HORRIBLE mini-games to get each character’s ultimate weapon.

                  1. If only New Game+s in the Zelda games were that easy to breeze (and enticing to start another file in the first place), or else I’d be doing Skyward Sword right now, since that’s now the closest we’ll ever get to a sequel of that game (thanks to BotW).

            2. Meh… fine but… the game is complete… I won’t go around with new costumes just for fun… It’s like breath of the wild, I was so proud to get the motocycle… then I realise that all the shrines are completed and I don’t have things to do with it… if only we could start a new game and start with it!

              1. ! Eggsactly! … Hate getting good stuff when there’s nothing to do with it lol the master cycle is great but your just roaming round doing nothing… And these costumes in Odyssey do nothing and if you ain’t got the coins you gota grind for very lil payoff… Miss the days of doing a game on norm diff then you unlock new costumes, weapons, car parts, options etc then ya gota do it on hard and get more then do it again on very hard haha

              2. All those people having a problem with me wanting a New Game+ just don’t get it. Or they do get it but just don’t care because they gotta protect their favorite company from criticism.

                It’s not just Nintendo I have an issue with the lack of New Game+. I’ve been wanting a New Game+ for a lot of games where there is post-game stuff to unlock but you don’t get to enjoy it that much because post-game is lacking in story or truly fun things worth completing. (Square Enix kind of circumvented New Game+ a bit, though, since you can’t carry the flying Regalia over into New Game+ in Final Fantasy XV. ..the dicks…)

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