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The Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Is Now Out For Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors has had a big day. The base game been updated to 1.5.0 on both 3DS and Switch, and the brand new Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Pack has been released. The DLC adds characters Owain, Tharja, and Olivia. You can also get new History Mode maps, as well as costumes and much more. Not only did Nintendo release official patch notes, but their Japanese YouTube account released 3 new trailers for the new DLC characters. Everything is down below.

  • Fire Emblem Awakening Pack compatibility has been added.
  • The level cap for characters has been increased to 150.
  • New weapon attribute, Legendary, has been added.
  • New blessings have been added.
  • New crests have been added.
  • Level Reset has been added. After clearing Story Mode, you can reset a character’s level at the Temple.
  • Continuous Blessings setting has been added. You can receive the same blessings as the last battle without going to the Temple.
  • Video-capture compatibility has been added.
  • Credits have been updated.
  • Improvements to the UI.
  • Various bug fixes.


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