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Japan: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 4,000,000 Units

Sales of the Nintendo Switch have continued to be successful in Japan. Famitsu released sales data for the week of March 19th, which resulted in the Switch selling 52,000 units. This means that, in Japan, the Switch has sold 4,037,144 units. Surpassing the 4,000,000 mark, the Switch managed to achieve this with the console at just 56 weeks old. Believe it or not, this is not far off from the Wii, which reached the same milestone in Japan just 54 weeks into the Wii’s life.

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15 thoughts on “Japan: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 4,000,000 Units”

      1. I’m pretty sure he means that as a good thing. In spite of the bad stock (as we all know, Nintendo utterly sucks at keeping stock; I’d honestly say they are pretty shitty at it) for most of Switch’s 1st year on the market, it managed to sell very well in a lot of places. (Wii had pretty bad stock, too, now that I recall.)

      1. You guys are all living in fantasy land. Whether you liked it or not, the Gamecube was a *TREMENDOUS* disappointment and failure for Nintendo as a business and marked them being completely knocked off the perch they had established with the NES. Whether or not you like the gamecube games has no relevance on whether or not the platform was successful.

      2. Definitely a failure, it was the third-selling console of its generation, near half the sales of a Nintendo 64. I did regret buying it and ended up with an Xbox. Still it had some very good games, but too late for me. Also Mario was a major tìdisappointment for me, and Zelda what I wasn’t expecting.

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