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Niantic Will Settle The Pokemon GO Fest Lawsuit For $1,575,000

It is an understatement to say that Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest, which was held last year, did not go well. It went so badly that an attendee who traveled all the way from California filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic. Well, TechCrunch is reporting that Niantic has reached a $1,575,000 settlement “to reimburse various costs attendees might have picked up along the way. Things like airfare, hotel costs, up to two days of parking fees, car rental, mileage and tolls”.

An official website for the settlement will be live by May 25th. Attendees will be sent an email. If they want to, they can claim part of the settlement. However, according to TechCrunch “those claiming part of the settlement will need to have checked in to GO Fest through the game (presumably to prevent those who sold their tickets for a markup from getting more money out of it), and anyone claiming more than $107 in expenses will need to have receipts”. Any remaining money will be “split evenly and donated to the Illinois Bar foundation and the nonprofit organization Chicago Run”. None of this money will return to Niantic’s hands.




  1. Off topic: I wonder if the mobile Zelda will be like Phantom Hourglass. I loved collecting ship parts even if controlling the character with the stylus was sometimes inconvenient (example: when fighting two shielded aquatic darknuts).


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