Nintendo Switch

Koei Tecmo Says That Their Switch Games Have Been Selling Well As “Repeat Orders Have Been Flowing In Non-Stop”

Koei Tecmo Chief Operating Officer and President Hisashi Koinuma recently took part in an interview with Nikkei Trendy, where Koinuma discussed sales of their Switch games. According to Nikkei Trendy, “Koinuma said while the Switch versions of Koei Tecmo’s games have not sold as much as the Switch versions One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition or Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, they have been selling well even after launch as repeat orders have been flowing in non-stop. And that’s a really good thing for the company”.

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  1. Seems like there is a typo in this, the quote of “switch games not selling as much as the switch versions.” I’m guessing not as much as the PS4 versions? I could have sworn news came out that Xenoverse 2 Switch had outsold the PS4 version? Must be on a global scale, because it DEFINITELY outsold it in Japan.


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