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Nintendo UK Store Has Put Up A Listing For Spyro Remastered For Nintendo Switch (Update Now Removed)

We found out today that Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy is coming this September for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but sadly there was no announcement for a Nintendo Switch version. Interestingly, a listing for the game has been put up for the 3D platformer on the official Nintendo UK Store. Hopefully this could be an indication that the game will eventually make its way to the platform.



Thanks to Adam N for the update!


  1. I wouldn’t use this as a guarantee. There is a chance the guy that put this up only did it as a troll attempt or he doesn’t know what’s going on as he’s just a lowly store clerk.

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      1. I think you read too much into my comment as I never stated this game was never gonna come to Switch.


    1. This was nintendo’s official store. I don’t work at nintendo, nor my uncle, but I’m pretty sure that they will not only fire the troll, troll will leave with a big lawsuit.
      I don’t think someone can be stupid enough to troll with nintendo.
      Nintendo probably wanted to save this announcement for the next direct…listing was already created and someone published it by mistake, or auto-publishing function was mistakingly set for the global announcement date instead of the direct.

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  2. We shouldn’t assume it’s only for PS4 and Xbox one. Imo,it’s likely theyll put it in switch months after those two versions. So I don’t see a reason to freak out and automatically mark out the possibility of it still being on the platform.


  3. I have very little doubt that it’ll come eventually. Activision is smart enough to know it’d sell well on Switch, and that people want it. Same reason why Crash is coming. It fits well with the platform.
    I am really glad to see Vicarious Visions isn’t doing this collection. That’s a good sign already. I really hope these games have aged decently enough, and the developers aren’t afraid to make improvements where they see fit.


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