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Best Buy: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Dated For September 28th

SEGA is bringing Valkyria Chronicles 4 to the Nintendo Switch this year but we haven’t had a solid release date for the west. North American retailer Best Buy has listed the strategic game with a September 28th release date. No doubt SEGA will announce the official date soon.


17 thoughts on “Best Buy: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Dated For September 28th”

  1. Oh I hope not, Sega would be sending this game out to die, and blaming us for it. Not only is september the month of Tomb Raider and that New Spyro game (all the PS nerds will go crazy over it) but only a few weeks after this releases will Red Dead 2 come out. also the rumors of Smash Switch being released late 2018. -_- why not August? that month is bare!

    1. Its just Smash 4 Deluxe, i mean it comes out this year. Nut the rest of your points are pretty valid. I hope the 4DS gets a Spyro game. I’m sure Paper Mario Color Splash will be ported to 4DS or 3DS + Switch like Captain Toad 1. Captain Toad 2 will be exclusive to 4DS along with Luigi 3 & new Kid Icarus, but I hope Nintendo ports Kid Icarus: Uprising first, since capacitive touchscreens allow you to grip the 4DS with both hands, so us people over age 25 won’t devastate our hands like we did playing Kid Icarus on the 3DS with only one hand griping the system.

        1. Nintendo has constantly been talking about how for the 3DS they think a separate successor is the way to go. Nintendo also confirmed their making new hardware. And the Definitive version of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker as well as Sushi Strikers is for 3DS not Switch. Not to mention that the demographics for the 3DS & Switch are too different from each other, but only the Switch is new, meanwhile the 3DS is too old and developers could use a system to make $20 to $30 retail games for a cheap affordable hardware with standard-definition graphics and minimum of 10 hour battery life and etc. etc.

          Nintendo needs a 3DS but the 3DS is too old and the Switch will be around until 2025. One more handheld only generation until they make a duo screen Switch successor with Native 4K HD graphics that will also be the successor to the 4DS and Wii U as well as Switch. One system to replace them all in 2025 or 2026.

          1. 4K is moving pretty quick though so I want to say sooner than that. (I guess they could release a 4K Switch upgrade in 2022.) I hope they consider working on 4K BEFORE it becomes cheaper as it could be too late by then & then they are behind everyone else again like with HD.

            1. The problem is 3rd party Developers. Nintendo can make an 8K HD successor instead, but will 3rd party devs be able to develop games fast and affordable enough with Native 8K graphics, or will it take forever with a lot of money spent; for 3rd paties to make games in Native 8K HD graphics. This will determine whether Nintendo does 4K or 8K with their detachable dual screen successor to the Switch & 4DS & Wii U (via virtual console for Wii U games). At least glasses-free 3D TV tech is perfected with 8K TVs coming out in 2019 or 2020 which will make the Switch/4DS/Wii U successor truely one system to replace them all. Especially with a Lite size interation that uses the entire front of the system for its screen via an LED screen on a smaller tablet which itself is 6.2 inch diagonally, and shaving the bottom part of the Joy-con controllers for smaller joy-can but being able to attach regular size and big size Joy-con controllers as an option.

      1. even if its just smash 4 deluxe, its still projected to sell better than Smash 4 on the Wii U. Look at all the Deluxe ports and how much better theyre doing than their original ports.

        Honestly, I would love Paper Mario Color Spash on the n3DS, because as much hate as it got, it was a really decent (albeit slow) fun Paper Mario, the story was also as quirky as they all are.

      1. Nope. Pretty sure it’s only on PS3 and X360. I think it’s on PS Now, but I don’t think that’d be the ideal way to play anything. At least not from my experience with it.

      2. Not that I know of, I know you can play the PS3 version on the PS4 using PS Now, but I dont think you can play the first red dead (Even through PS Now)

        Let me clarify just in case thats a bit confusing.

        The First Red Dead was a PS2 game, that is playable on the PS3, but I dont know if its on PS Now. Im almost certain its not though.

        The 2nd Red Dead game was on the PS3 and 360. That one you can play on PS4 (through PS Now) or on your XBO, because its backwards compatible.

        The new red dead thats coming out this year, is Read Dead 3.

          1. Nah, the stories are connected, but from what ive seen, this is a prequel. There are a few spoilers like a few characters that have been shown being part of the last one, but if you havent played it, then no biggie. The stories actually connect (or at least from the trailer) a lot more than Nier Automata did to the first Nier, but you should be fine if its a prequel.

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