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Video: Suda51 Creating Travis Strikes Again In An Effort To Bring No More Heroes 3

GameXplain recently caught up with Suda51 during PAX East this week to talk to him about his legacy of games and the latest title he has in development which is Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch. Suda51 also told the channel that he’s creating the game in an effort to bring No More Heroes 3 to market. Here’s a summary from Reset Era member Dreamboum:

  • Game is 35-40% complete but Suda is confident to release the game in 2018
  • You will learn new skills for both Travis and Badman (and they would be different for each)
  • There will be different types of gameplay (it doesn’t mean each world will have a completely different gameplay system)
  • 2 DJs will handle the music of the game, with Jun Fukada for the sound effects department
  • Masafumi Takada will probably make new tracks for TSA, is confirmed to be working back for Grasshopper

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  1. Masafumi Takada and Jun Fukada on this game!! So freaking sweet. Sorely missed on NMH2. Fan of their Killer7 and NMH1 soundtracks

  2. ok so this is not really the NMH3 that we were looking forward to? i hope it’s not just a half-cooked title with different mini modes. i need a fu;; f;edged gamed on my Switch, not eshop indie crap.

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