Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2 Future Salmon Run Gear Rewards Discovered

The various dataminers have been hard at work lately uncovering what they can about various Nintendo titles and their attention at the moment seems to be on Splatoon 2. The latest information is that a couple of Salmon Run gear rewards have been discovered and posted on Twitter. They should be arriving this summer.



  1. Boo, cap of legend should’ve been Link’s hat. That’s what I thought of immediately. That just looks like a regular sailor’s captain hat


    1. “That just looks like a regular sailor’s captain hat”
      There’s too many little non Splatoon 1 players running around 2. That hat has as much Splatoon significance as Inklings themselves, making that like saying boo why aren’t the players Linklings or something.

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      1. I think you meant to say was “Boy I’m glad there are so many new players discovering the game that I like. I bet that means more support from Nintendo in the future and quick queue times for years to come. Let me explain why that hat is important.”

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      2. I know it’s Marie and calies grandpas hat man I have both games it just that at first glance Link’s hat came to mind.


      3. Please know that I’m peripherally adding this and will never read replies other than a few words accidentally. It’s 100% never too late to get the great Wii U console and play the original. That wording would have never come from someone who knew what it was unless it was more of a comment about how it’s supposed to be Legendary Cap.

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