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On April 12th, Eternal Edge Will Be Released On The Nintendo Switch

Eternal Edge, an action adventure RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch. According to the Nintendo Switch eShop‘s official page for the game, Eternal Edge will be available for $20 on April 12th.  If you want to download the game, it will cost you 1.9 GB. We’ve included a tweet that relayed the news down below, so if you want to, feel free to check it out.


8 thoughts on “On April 12th, Eternal Edge Will Be Released On The Nintendo Switch”

    1. … In what way? Just because it has pixelated 3D graphics doesn’t mean that the gameplay is even remotely similar. Your inference is pretty flawed. This looks a lot more like a Zelda clone, if anything.

  1. Looks interesting. It’s a shame how willing people are to trash a game before its release. There are zero reviews in existence and only a handful of gameplay videos. Perhaps the people making snap judgments just have terrible tastes, especially considering one has a Sonic OC and the other a dated and overrated SF title lolol

    1. Sonic OC? lol Look closer as that’s Infinite from Sonic Forces. Hardly a “Sonic OC.” Besides, it’s my opinion that this name is being wasted on a Lego looking game when it should be used for a franchise similar to Ninja Gaiden or something with a more impressive artstyle. And I never said the game itself was bad but just that I feel the name doesn’t fit. Big difference.

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