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Rocket League Cross-Platform Play Has Been Disabled On Nintendo Switch (Was Temporary)

Update: It should be pointed out that this was a temporary thing and has been restored.

Cross-platform play in the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League has been disabled. The feature won’t be available for a few more days until the software update version 1.44 is rolled out. The date and time for the upcoming patch’s arrival will be announced soon by developer Psyonix, so stay tuned for any updates. In the meantime, you could still play the game online with other Nintendo Switch players.

13 thoughts on “Rocket League Cross-Platform Play Has Been Disabled On Nintendo Switch (Was Temporary)”

  1. Very misleading for you to put that as the title instead of “Rocket League Cross-Platform Play Has Been Temporarily Disabled On Nintendo Switch”. But hey, you technically aren’t wrong.

    1. Agreed. This is how you get people to completely skip reading the article, dive right to the comments and go “OMG so much for supporting switch I will never support these devs again and neither should you!”

  2. Please guys, don’t take that click bait route!! Stay simple! The Internet is a big mess because of this shit!

  3. I didn’t see this as clickbait. I saw the word “temporarily” so I clicked the article to see how long. Did the title change?

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