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Nintendo Didn’t Hesitate When It Came Down To Cross-Platform Play With Rocket League

Rocket League has taken the world by storm and thankfully it is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. You’ll be able to play with gamers on Xbox Live, as well as PC, all thanks to Nintendo’s welcome decision to allow cross-platform play with the game. Gaming publication GamesIndustry managed to catch up with Psyonix vice president of publishing Jeremy Dunham to find out more about this specific development.

“Nintendo has been very open with giving us whatever resources that we need, answering any questions that we have, allowing us to do cross-network play, which is a big deal and very important to us and they had no problem with that at all.”

“That was the very first question I asked them. I said: ‘If we are going to commit to doing this, would you guys allow us to do cross-platform?’ And they told me that if it is important to us, then we will do cross-platform. There wasn’t even any hesitation.”

“In the very beginning when we first released Rocket League, a lot of people were asking us about mobile versions. They wanted it on Vita or on mobile. But the need to play multiplayer over the internet on those platforms was a concerning problem for us. But now that we have two years of experience with the system, and we all own Switches ourselves and we know what it is about, we are not too worried about the online experience.”

“We have enough tools and safeguards in place to make sure that if you are playing Rocket League on-the-go multiplayer, via the internet, then we will be able to handle that situation just fine and keep all players happy. That’s what is cool about the console and one of the reasons we wanted to do it. Although it may not have the power of an Xbox One or a PS4, it does have that very unique aspect to it.”




    1. Well I dont personally eant Sony to fail, but I do want them to get a swift kick in the ass, theyre starting to get cocky and a Cocky Sony is very anti consumer. (At least on the Playstation side.)


      1. Minecraft. It’s pretty cool that Nintendo is okay with people logging into their Xbox Live accounts within Minecraft to allow cross platform play with a seemless experience.

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      2. Well it was first Microsoft that was the first to announce their wanting to be cross platform on other systems. Also it was Microsoft that made windows 10 power the Xbox one, demand all games come to all versions of Xbox one (excluding VR games since the standard Xbox can’t run them), windows 10 also allows games to be published on windows phone, pc, and Xbox (and HoloLens) and include cross play with all windows 10 devices.
        So really its only been Nintendo that has come forward in support of Microsofts open idea to cross platform play.
        All developers have wanted this because of fan/customer demand, and of course more sales on different platforms, means more money.
        Sony on the other hand refuses to play along with cross platform online, and also basically refuses mods (Nintendo hasn’t really talked about mods, but they did adapt to getting rid of region locking.)

        Rocket league and Minecraft are only offering cross platform play with xbox/windows 10 and switch. It was Microsoft who pushed this idea. Nintendo is just the first company to step forward to except the offer. But again developers have always been wanting this. These are just the first two games to roll out. The more games that are on both platforms (and offer online) the more cross play we well see. I’m glad to see Nintendo is becoming more progressive and listening to fans more.
        This well probably get Reggie replaced as he is still very conservative. Haha watch bill get his job in a few years.


    1. I disagree. I want a full fledged war. Competition is what drives quality. It makes companies take risks.

      But I also see what your saying, it needs to be a mix of the two. That way we can get cross-play, third parties, and still have competition.

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      1. That kind of logic might work for produce, or houses, or theme parks. But for technology it is always best to work together.
        Getting smart technology/science/programming minds to work together has always been what pushes innovation. With Nintendo and Microsoft working together we can only see good things.
        Also they sell different products, so it also benefits them to see their competitor do well. Microsoft sells Xbox and windows. Nintendo sells a portable home system. And even if Microsoft made a switch like device. It would only help the market move forward. Microsoft would offer things like digital pen support, windows apps, and a more action based controller for FPS, and racer games. It would also be more of a tablet device with Cortana, cameras, higher internal storage exe.
        That said its sony’s defiance to work with Microsoft or Nintendo that’s creating isolation and waring their fan base. PS VR was basically a flop, no cross platform play, their system to game sales radio is below Xbox. (Xbox sells more games dispute having less systems in home)
        Xbox has real backwards compatibility and monthly updates. As where playstation 4 can’t even play 4K blue ray (and Xbox one S can)
        Working together is better

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      2. @ariycon in the 90s it was definitely much more competitive and look at the all time great games we got.

        I see what you are saying but look at nintendo’s result after horribly failing with the wii u. People had critisism and as a result, sony and microsoft were selling there consoles much more than nintendo. While sony sits up at the throne.

        Fast forward to now. Sony has made some dumb mistakes because they were comfortably at the top. They have the ps4 pro our which really won’t hold a candle to the xbox one x (even with the price tag). Nintendo, who were failing now have a new console which SEEMINGLY is doing amazing! People said their advertising was bad, the wii u gamepad was a gimmick and couldn’t even go that far from the wii u, all the big games didn’t come out until 2-3 years after the release of the wii u, and that it was wayyy too underpowered. They took these complaints and BAM the switch was born. And finally, microsoft continues to just try and go for power. They have announced the xbox one x as retaliation to sony having the ps4 pro out.

        That’s what i want from the competetive side of things. The companies working their hardest to sit atop the throne, being pushed by one another.

        Now what i want from the cooperative side is that I don’t want this isolation you spoke of. They need to be in the same environment to be pushed. When nintendo tried to ignore sega back in the day, sega was kicking their asses! Then nintendo finally had to retaliate. Sony is trying to ignore microsoft and switch. That is not good, i want sony to fight the battle, not run away. Nintendo and microsft, while contenders, allow cross play and therefore acknowledging each other. If someone wanted a ps4 but also wanted to play rocket league with there friends even more, well now they will get a switch or xbox (or pc). You can see how this can be come an exceedingly larger problem if sony continue like this.

        in conclusion, you need a bit of both as i said before. You can’t have light without shadows.


  1. People kinda blow this out of proportion. It would be nice if Sony would just stop pitchin around but then again, they just have a different ecosystem and ideas of pushing their brand. Nintendo of all really does this way worse when it comes to their Youtube policy and I’d change Nintendo’s approach in social media for their openess for MS players on some 3rd party game immediately. All of these companies do stuff at some point, to isolate their brand in some way that feels completely weird to the public and this is no kindergarten. When Sony doesn’t wanna play with their twi biggest competitors, then it has to do with money and the fear to lose it. Some people here tend to think that Nintendo, MS and Sony are just doing all of this for the pure gaming-loves’ sake. It’s bullshit.

    Sony sees a risk in this approach, MS sees a chance. It has to do with Sony leading the market and MS not. MS is (like many companies) always open to join forces with others as long as they don’t rule the market. And Nintendo as well isn’t as gracious when they’re on top. Because … why should they?

    That being said, I wouldn’t say all of this about single persons. Phil Spencer’s openess toward their competition is quite believable for instance. But have you ever read anything about any Nintendo-person talking in a comparable manner about Sony or Microsoft? It was already a sensation, when Miyamoto tried a Vita at some E3 a view years back. They usually have nothing but shitloads of arrogance for their competitors. While even Sony’s CEO had no problem to tell the world how much he likes his WiiU.

    So please stop going crazy over this move. It’s great, it’s appreciated and it would be nice if it would become an industry wide standard. But it won’t and the world isn’t just as black & white.


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