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SEGA Reiterates That We Should Expect An Exciting New Announcement Tomorrow

Publishing and development powerhouse SEGA has reiterated on Twitter that we should expect a special announcement tomorrow during SEGA FES which is taking place in Tokyo, Japan. From the sounds of it the announcement will be streamed, so best to check Twitch. Of course, we shall be reporting on whatever it is they have in store for fans.

17 thoughts on “SEGA Reiterates That We Should Expect An Exciting New Announcement Tomorrow”

      1. Yeah it does suck that sega doesn’t care about their older franchises like Jet Set Radio, or even some of sonic’s sub series. Sonic Riders 1 and 2 are still fun for me to this day (the 3rd one is terrible though). I wish we’d get a 4th riders game instead of whatever sega is actually making right now.

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  2. Only a true sequel of Sonic Adventure 2 can help people regain their trust in Sega as currently the people have more trust in the makers of Sonic Mania than in Sega.

  3. I’ve said this multiple times before. Make Sonic Adventure 3, bring back Chao gardens, introduce new HD graphics etc. You can’t tell me Sega is not aware of their fan base for Sonic Adventure….

    1. It’s funny that they are so intent on “moving the series forward” and so won’t bring back the Adventure formula, yet shoehorn Classic Sonic into Forces where he really does not belong.

    2. I would like that Adventure 3 (if it happens) have an overworld just Adventure 1. I loved how you have to find where to go next.

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