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Nintendo Has Filed A New Patent For Portable Screens Communicating & Interacting With Each Other

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Nintendo has filed a brand new patent, and it comes with a few images. The patent, which was filed on April 12th, is for a game system with “a plurality of information processing apparatuses that are capable of communicating with each other”. We’ve included a small gallery with the images down below, as well as full information about the patent:

“These processing apparatuses are located inside stand-alone screens, and by touching two or more of them together, information can be relayed between them in order to produce new game experiences. Examples in the patent application show a finger being dragged from one screen to another without the system losing track of it, as well as a ball that seamless moves across the connection between the two. The screens don’t need to be necessarily making physical contact either, as one of the images shows a gap between the two with the ball still able to move from one to the next — perhaps more impressive is the ability to “bank” a ball off of the air so it approaches the second screen from a different angle.

It appears one screen can even be angled upward in order to provide momentum for an object as it approaches the second screen, such as a bowling ball about to hit a set of pins. The connections aren’t limited to just two screens, with one image showing three screens connected to create a three-dimensional image.”



32 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Filed A New Patent For Portable Screens Communicating & Interacting With Each Other”

          1. I can’t imagine playing a full length Mario or Zelda with a series of screens. I feel like the novelty will wear fast in lieu of traditional controls.
            Remember that Star Fox Zero was critically panned for it’s reliance on a gimmick. They just don’t have staying power.

  1. Please don’t be for any big games & just be like the Nintendo Labo thing. I’d much rather have a screen that works as a second screen for Switch similar to the Wii U’s Gamepad. And if they are for big games, please be an optional control scheme! I don’t want any more Star Fox Zero shenanigans.

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  4. My mind briefly thought about this being related to the Switch but quickly trashed that idea in favor of…

    This being the successor to the 3DS. I can imagine Nintendo connecting two screens for a brand-new handheld experience like no other; because after all, this is Nintendo we’re talking about.

  5. interesting mechanic but its still bad and i notice some of you think that this is a new console which is dumb its clearly trying to make local multiplayer fun but its not going to be that interesting like nintendo labo and 1 2 switch the only good thing about those two game is the way how you play it but its not going to be addicting its just another gimmick where when nintendo tries to make the most out of it

  6. We have to keep in mind that this is just a patent. The actual product doesn’t need to look like this.

    For example, an hdmi dongle on your TV through which the Switch can access the TV without being docked, might be covered by this. In that case, dual screen gameplay like with the Wii U gamepad could be possible. (Maybe DS/3DS VC? Better Wii U Ports? …)
    Just an idea, but really this could end up being something very different from what one first thinks.

    Btw, I think Nintendo still has the patent for a “supplemental computing device”, which they apparently haven’t even used yet.
    Make of that what you want.

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