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Square Enix Reveals That Dragon Quest XI On Nintendo Switch Is Based On PlayStation 4 Version

We really haven’t heard very much about the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI other than it is coming at a later date in the west compared to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the huge JRPG. The company said to Dual Shockers that once again the Nintendo Switch version is still a long way off and that they didn’t want to have to make PlayStation 4 and PC owners have to wait while they got to grips with the Switch version. However, they did confirm that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game, rather than the 3DS version, which was scrapped for the west.



  1. Did anyone honestly think it wouldn’t be? I thought we were beyond thinking Switch versions of games are gonna be handheld/mobile versions now

    1. I agree.. Maybe they can make it dlc or something, it was pretty cool when they showed you could play it like an older dragon quest game.

      1. Got a link? I don’t remember seeing that art and I’m curious as to what it looks like

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