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SEGA Ages Could Expand To Saturn And Dreamcast Games Following Initial Wave

SEGA Ages senior producer has revealed that the team is thinking about what is next for the compilation title. He says that there’s a possibility that after the initial wave of games they could expand and include SEGA Saturn titles and SEGA Dreamcast games.

“I think the title line-up may be expanded to the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast”

Reset Era member Dooble reports that the following was contained in a recent interview:

  • They decided after doing the last 3D Classics wave, it would be a waste to just leave it there.
  • Alex Kidd was chosen because of how popular he was on the Virtual Console in Europe…it’s likely they will continue to use data like that for deciding future releases.
  • Gain Ground won’t be the only arcade release. There will be more.
  • 15 Titles is the start depending how well it goes they will do more.
  • There will be Saturn and Dreamcast titles in the future as well, if it goes well beyond the first 15 games.
  • Rieko Kodama is a producer on the new Sega Ages project…




  1. Satern and Dreamcast games? Yes please! I really want a port of Skys of Arcadia. I also want a Skys of Arcadia 2, but that ship has sailed.


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