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Wall Street Journal: What To Expect From Nintendo’s Earnings Event On April 26th

Nintendo’s is expected to release its results for fiscal 2017 which ended March 31st on April 26th. It’s unlikely to include any new game announcements due to its proximity to Nintendo ‘s E3 showcase, but it will include financial details. The Wall Street Journal has handily put together a guide regarding what to expect from the earnings event and they suspect that the company might speak about their upcoming smartphone plans.

  • REVENUE FORECAST: Analysts expect Nintendo to report revenue of ¥1.04 trillion ($9.57 billion), more than twice the year-earlier ¥498.1 billion.
  • EARNINGS FORECAST: The median operating-profit forecast of 18 analysts polled by Quick is ¥166.9 billion, more than five times the year-earlier ¥29.4 billion. Net profit, always volatile due to currency fluctuations—Nintendo has large holdings of dollar- and euro-denominated assets—is expected to hit ¥132 billion, up from ¥102.6 billion.
  • SWITCH SALES: Nintendo is likely to confirm that sales of its handheld-hybrid Switch exceeded expectations. The company had forecast sales of 15 million units during the just-ended period; analysts expect the number to be around 16 million.
  • SWITCH FORECAST: Nintendo plans to announce its initial Switch sales forecast for the current fiscal year, ending in March 2019. Chief executive Tatsumi Kimishima said previously the goal would exceed 20 million. Analysts expect the company still to be cautious, leaving room for upward revisions in quarters to come.
  • MOBILE GAME: Nintendo announced it is developing a “Mario Kart” game for smartphones. But it hasn’t said the game is next in the pipeline—meaning Nintendo could have some unannounced smartphone games ahead of the racing game’s release.

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