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Steven Spielberg Says He Played Mario VR On PlayStation

Steven Spielberg made a rather interesting comment during a recent interview. Speaking with Japanese news agency Kyodo, for some reason, the renowned film director said he played a Mario VR game on a PlayStation platform. Some are speculating that Spielberg meant he played a Mario-like game on PlayStation VR, but official clarification from the man himself has yet to come out. Regardless, his comment on the so-called Mario PlayStation VR game is as follows:

“I played Mario and so on on the PlayStation. The first time I tried it I didn’t want to take the goggles off.”

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    1. Wondering if he really is such a complete non-gamer. After all he has been invoved with videogame production for instance for Boom Blox or a game called LMNO, which never got released, but might still have demanded some research on gaming in general.
      And after Miyamoto was called the Steven Spielberg of videogames for Mario 64 from NYT, as SPielberg i would get kinda curious what that means if someone gets your name as a title of nobility.


      1. ||Being a developer, or involved in any type of video game production doesn’t make anyone a gamer unless actually playing constantly for hours…||

        ||He belongs with the civilian cattle masses…||

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      2. @Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        being involved into videogames and if it’s just as a producer, demands you to understand the stuff you’Re working on and especially the audience you’re doing it for. When they for instance decided to do Boom Blox the way it is, they had to put lots of work into research who’s gonna play their game. Should it be more mature, should it be more casual and so on. Boom Blox looks really like the result of successful work on that department, so noone can tell me he’s just an old guy who doesn’t know where Mario is coming from.

        One guy below commented that there’s a Mario Demo for Oculus and it’s more likely he mixed up Oculus and PSVR which would make way more sense.


      3. ||True but you are still not a gamer, a gamer is someone who plays the games constantly and efficiently for hours almost every day, and does it for pleasure and entertainment, not for work…||


      1. I feel like Nintendo thinks they’ll have another CD-i instance where they let someone else use their IPs and they wind up completely trashing them which is why they’re ridiculously stingy. Maybe this will change if the Mario movie ends up being a success (which is dubious because it’s being done by the studio behind the Minions movie. I hate those annoying talking Twinkies).

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    1. Really? Mario in VR sounds like a horrible idea with how limited it is currently. It’s not really the place to play games that need precision platforming

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  1. ready player one is not worth watching if it doesnt include Nintendo. they should have offered Nintendo more money. there are many people who just catagorically wont watch that movie because of this obvuous oversight.


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