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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Will Be Updated To Version 1.4.0 On April 27th

Monolith Soft director Tetsuya Takahashi has announced that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be updated to version 1.4.0 on April 27th. The update will come with two new Rare Blades, Poppi Buster and Telos Re:. Poppi Buster “can only be obtained by users who purchased the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass”, and then obtained from a quest. To get Telos Re:, you will need to beat the game once, then unlock it with a Core Crystal. The good news is that “the resonance rate has been set to be considerably higher, so anyone can resonate with T-elos Re: instantly”.




  1. Praise MONOLITHSOFT!!!!!! And a very special thanks to Bandai Namco for giving full permission to Nintendo and MONOLITHSOFT to add T’elos (from Xenosaga Chapter III) as one of the two new Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


  2. As nice as Nintendo themed rides at theme parks are, it’d be nice if some of that money was instead being used to buy Xenosaga & Xenogears from their respective owners. Then give them to Monolith Soft to do with them what they will. It’s not like Square Enix & Bandai Namco are doing anything with them after all. Especially Xenosaga as, from what I understand, 3 ended on a cliffhanger.


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