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Nintendo Has Announced A Partnership With Cygames For Dragalia Lost, A New Mobile Game

KYOTO, Japan, Apr. 27, 2018 JST – Nintendo Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minami-ku, Kyoto; Representative Director and President: Tatsumi Kimishima, hereinafter referred as “Nintendo”) and Cygames, Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Koichi Watanabe, hereinafter referred as “Cygames”) reached a business agreement to partner on a new gaming application for smart devices.

1. Context of Partnership
In summer of 2018, Nintendo will release Dragalia Lost, an all-new original action RPG application designed by Cygames for smart devices. Nintendo has been co-developing and will jointly operate the game with Cygames, bringing to life the shared vision of a new gaming experience with worldwide appeal.

The gaming application will be released globally, starting with Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. With the support of Nintendo’s group companies, it will launch in North America and Europe as well. For the purpose of facilitating the partnership, Nintendo will obtain approximately 5 percent of Cygames’s issued stocks mainly through a third party allocation of its treasury stock.

2. Overview of Company Parties

(1) Name Nintendo Co., Ltd. Cygames, Inc.
(2) Address Minami-Ku, Kyoto, Japan Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
(3) Name and title of representative Tatsumi Kimishima, Representative Director and President Koichi Watanabe, President
(4) Description of business Manufacture and sales of home leisure equipment Planning, development and operations of games
Animation development
Investment support
(5) Capital 10,065.4 million yen 124.8 million yen
(6) Date of establishment November 20, 1947 May 9, 2011
(7) Date of fiscal year end March 31 September 30

3. Future Outlook
The impact of this partnership to Nintendo’s business is factored into this fiscal year’s financial forecast.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Announced A Partnership With Cygames For Dragalia Lost, A New Mobile Game”

  1. It’s not gonna get nearly as many downloads as fire emblem heroes or Pokemon go because it doesn’t have any iconic Nintendo IP stapled to it

  2. even though i don’t see Moblie Phones as consoles fire emblem heroes on the ipad is pretty enjoyable , while pokemon go is just a watered down pokemon App not a game.

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