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There Are No “Current Plans” To Bring Fortnite To Nintendo Switch

Fortnite has been rumored for Nintendo Switch for a while now, but more recent reports suggest that a Nintendo version of the massively-popular battle royale title is going to be announced at E3 2018. However, this may not be the case as there are apparently no “current plans” to bring the game to Nintendo’s latest console. The following statement comes from USgamer’s news editor Matt Kim in regard to this matter:

I checked in with sources close to both Nintendo and Fortnite Battle Royale and they informed me that they are not aware of any plans to announce Fortnite Battle Royale either at E3 or at this time in general.




  1. So you’re telling me they put it on cellphones, but they don’t want to move it to the much more powerful, UE4 friendly, selling like hotcakes, home console? This smells of bullshit, lol

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      1. I was just comparing that it doesn’t matter whether Fortnite will be coming or not, you can just play on your computer and it’s not a long lasting game.

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  2. With E3 2018 fast approaching, this could be a lie. Or it could be the honest truth. Either way, better snip these rumors in the bud before it gets too big. Otherwise, some will either be hugely disappointed when Fortnite doesn’t get announced for Switch at E3 or will not be as surprised by a reveal if it does get announced for Switch at E3. Oh & in before the “Sony must have paid them not to bring it to Switch!” people arrive.

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      1. That’s quite a stretch to say paying for exclusive DLC means they paid to keep a game from going to Switch. That’s like saying jumping into the air & not moving a few feet because the earth is supposedly round & spinning on an axis is proof that the earth is actually flat & that the earth being round & spinning on an axis is just a big lie. Oh wait. There actually are people that stupid enough to say such a thing. Some people today. I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory, though.


      2. I doubt they paid to keep this off but if you are referring to the game I think they paid to keep it off. You guys can’t give Sony a free pass just because they are doing it. There is a huge double standard when it comes to Sony.

        “M$ be moneyhatting to delay our PS3 version stop doing that!”

        “Nintendo is filling Switch to the brim with Wii U ports and taking resources from new games”

        Now Sony is moneyhatting nobody cares. Going off the Wii U ports, sure you had NES classics on GBA and anniversary stuff but what really made these porting cash grabs a thing? PS3 HD remakes which, when Sony were doing them, were being cheered for and hyped to the moon. Even though they outsourced them to Bluepoint. I remember the Ico leaks.


      3. Moneyhatting is the same as paying for exclusive content & exclusive, or timed exclusive, games to me which is perfectly legal. Something both Nintendo AND Sony are guilty of doing since Ninty is paying for development of Bayonetta games now and even paid for Zelda themed exclusive content for Switch’s version of Skyrim. I can’t give Sony a free pass on that if I’m not giving Nintendo a hard time for doing the same thing. Unless you meant in general.


      4. Its all PR. Activision pretended to be friends with Sony because they saw sales. Similar Capcom kept “testing” Switch and now they are like “PORTABILITY MOO!”

        Moneyhatting isn’t illegal but it is definitely immoral and if the game you allege Sony moneyhatted is what I think you’ve seen

        1. The company behind said game doesn’t really like Switch and they like it because consumers FORCED them to.

        2. Another smaller Japanese company called out Sony for not caring full stop.

        The game you are talking about is Sony pretending to like the game because 3DS sold and Vita didn’t. So its obvious they would block a Switch release. Fortnite is another story. They never gave that game any sort of recognition until Vita flopped.


  3. Getting your hopes up for these types of games getting a free pass to Switch isn’t being realistic. I don’t doubt it may come eventually but it looks more like certain companies are using Switch to whip up quick ports. Expecting the latest current gen releases on Switch from companies like EA is setting yourself up for a fall.

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  4. But I want to play this game on the Switch. Don’t tell me they can’t bring the game on the Switch because they are working on the Android port?

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  5. Nothing official, sooo.. meh.
    I don’t care about fortnite, tried it on PS4 and didn’t like it. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on Switch eventually. If they don’t, then they’re pretty foolish. Could make a quick buck (even though battle royale is still free for now).

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