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Nintendo’s E3 2018 Video Presentation Will Occur At Noon Eastern/9am Pacific On June 12th

Tonight, Nintendo has held their latest financial briefing. The first announcement that was made was the company’s unveiling of their E3 2018 schedule. Nintendo’s video presentation will be taking place on June 12th at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific. The presentation will feature “Nintendo Switch titles for 2018, including the recently announced Super Smash Bros. game”. Nintendo also confirmed the return of their three-day Treehouse Live broadcasts. The first day of Treehouse Live will begin after their presentation, and Smash Bros. will be the first game to be played on the stream. Here’s the full schedule:



    1. Forgot to mention eveyone please keep your predictions to a minimum, don’t go expecting a lot of big titles
      (Actually scratch that with games like fire emblem Pokemon smash and yoshi metroid 4 there pretty much already bigger games) the only game that hasn’t been announced yet that I feel like will be announce is animal crossing since it has been heavily hinted this year not expecting a release date for it either jsut want to see a trailer, its obvious there will most likely be a few new Mario titles showing up so I’m only expecting one big title for mario whether it’s a party game, 2d platforming, or rpg (all three of those seem likely since those franchise are a bit overdue for a fresh new game)

    1. e3 literally starts on Tuesday so the place wouldn’t be open for them to host a tourney a day before anyone can actually enter it (the guess of course)

  1. Hype! Can’t wait for their E3 which may give us info on Metroid Prime 4 and hopefully a new Donkey Kong game which Nintendo Italy hinted!

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