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Sonic Mania Plus DLC Will Be $4.99 If You Already Own Sonic Mania

SEGA’s Aaron Webber has answered a few fan questions regarding the forthcoming Sonic Mania Plus. If you own Sonic Mania then you will only need to pay $4.99 for the downloadable content. If you don’t own Sonic Mania and would like Sonic Mania Plus the game will cost you around $29.99 depending on who you pre-order from.

11 thoughts on “Sonic Mania Plus DLC Will Be $4.99 If You Already Own Sonic Mania”

      1. Um… Sonic Mania was $20 digitally. Still is. So people who got the game digitally are only paying $25 total. People holding out for a physical copy are the ones paying extra unless they buy from somewhere with new release discounts.

  1. So after doing some math……

    Sonic Mania – $20
    Collector’s Edition Extras (Statue, Gold Ring, Fake Cartridge, Metal Card) – $60
    Sonic Mania Plus DLC – $5
    Physical Copy Extras – $5

    But the DLC alone is a good deal. I’ll have to live without the cover and the art book, since I’m not buying the same game twice.

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