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Amazon: The Mega Man X Legacy Collection Nintendo Switch Box-Art

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the sure to be popular Mega Man X Legacy Collection for the Nintendo Switch. The physical edition of the game has Mega Man X 1-4 on the cartridge and Mega Man X 5-8 will need to be downloaded from the eShop with a supplied code.


7 thoughts on “Amazon: The Mega Man X Legacy Collection Nintendo Switch Box-Art”

      1. Isn’t Mega Man X also a spin-off? And I know there will likely never be a Legends 3, but one can wish.

  1. That’d be funny if it just had the line at the bottom of the cover: “You like downloads, right?*” with the asterisk explained on the back.

  2. Weird that the Mega Man Legacy cover (and a lot of other games) have the big white thing on top for internet/sd required. But this one doesnt…

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