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Video: First MotoGP 18 Gameplay Trailer

Milestone has released the first MotoGP 18 gameplay video ahead of the game’s launch on the Nintendo Switch. The racing title is coming to a number of platforms on June 7th with the Nintendo Switch version coming shortly after. The game includes the official 2018 MotoGP season, with all riders, official rosters from MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and all 19 official tracks, including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand.


  1. i really hope Milestone can do a decent port on this (the opposite of what they did with MXGP 3 and Monster Energy Supercross)… I’ve been waiting since the Switch launched for a chance to race a MotoGP game on it.

  2. I really wish they made a motorcycle game like this where you could race on the street too, with cars and stuff like that to make it more interesting. A special game mode expansion pack would be fine. I realize that sort of thing is illegal in real life as well as deadly, but that’s why we have video games.

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