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A Nintendo Software Engineer’s Tweet Suggests That Bandai Namco Is Working On Smash Switch

Tiago Sonobe is a software engineer at Nintendo, and is credited for “environment programming” in Super Mario Odyssey. Sonobe previously worked at Bandai Namco from April 2014 to August 2016. Well, Sonobe’s Twitter has been in the spotlight today, thanks to a tweet that he made. Sonobe says that he worked on the rendering engine that Smash Bros. Switch is built on. However, he left Bandai Namco Studios “before the production on Super Smash Bros began”, implying that Bandai Namco is working on Smash Bros. Switch. Sonobe has since deleted all of his tweets, including the Smash one. Since this is a confirmed Nintendo employee that made the tweet, this isn’t being treated as a rumor. Still, we’ll keep you up to date on things, just in case things change.

A Twitter user took a screenshot of his Smash tweet, so we’ve included that for you down below.

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  1. I can’t imagine him getting in that much trouble over something like that, it was pretty likely it was the case Bandai Namco is working on it. I guess he did hint more at this being a new game instead of a port which, again, we kinda already figured.

  2. Can we just nickname it: “Super Switch Bros” ?? :D
    [Rolls off the tongue more than “Super Smash Bros Switch” or “Smash Switch”.]

    1. I hope it goes back to the prior naming convention, since it’s on a single console and (seemingly) back in the hands of HAL. Something like “SSB Rumble” or “SSB Riot” or whatever.

      1. Agreed, of course when I said “Switch Bros” I just meant as a temporary name — but, yeah, I liked the synonymous fight wording as to just numbers or console names.

  3. Im starting to believe smash switch will be as much of a new game as splatoon 2 was to splatoon 1. Lots of new and awesome modes (and fighters in this case) and changes, but largely based on the previous installment.
    If i had to guess further, id say this new smash’s biggest selling point would be a new story mode.

    1. If you mean the online mode then, Ugh, geez the online was horrible, both in quality and content.
      I honestly think it was worse than Brawl’s, at least it didn’t have button lag or button-input errors.
      You can actually choose a stage in Brawl too, and you can taunt more than twice.
      I can list more flaws about Smash WiiU but that would take a while xD

    1. Thus, the powers of Robo-Reggie increase tenfold allowing Nintendo to execute their foolproof plan of world gaming domination. Nintendo’s appetite for leakers grows intensely.

      Super Smash Bros Fisticuffs is coming exclusively to Switch Holiday 2018!

  4. If they are reusing the assets/other data from the WiiU version to build a new game, then I think Namco needs to be working on SwitchBros, I suppose because it’s their work.

    1. They did the same thing with most switch games so I don’t see why not there are few Wii U models textures and etc that have been reuse in majority first party switch games mainly because the Wii U was in hd

  5. That guy was a idiot to be honest, he gave out important info even if this does seem small to everyone at a major company point of view it’s not, infact what he did was unprofessional, how his tweets got deleted I’m guessing Nintendo found out because no one can’t hold water from posting it in public like this, it’s sad to see this tho this has occurred a few times (I wish employees like him can stay tightlip so they can keep there job)

  6. Not a surprise. I’ve been beginning to guess that Smash Switch will more or less be like Splatoon 2.

    A kind of sort of new game, but will have a lot of reused stuff from the last game.

  7. So we can basically confirm that jits going to be a port+ of the Wii U version. I expect new modes, all original DLC included with new stuff down the road. Menu updates. Maybe single joycon play for two players.

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