Bethesda Says Their E3 2018 Showcase Might Be Their Longest Ever And Is Packed

With E3 season rapidly approaching we are now hearing more and more about the conferences which are set to take place in June. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has said on Twitter that this years E3 2018 showcase could be the company’s longest ever, which means even more treats for gamers in the form of newly announced games. Here’s what he said:


  1. Hopefully better than last year, maybe a new elder scrolls or something?… There isn’t a whole lot from bethesda that I care for to be honest. But it will be interesting to see if they keep up the Switch support. I’m most excited for Nintendo (SMAAAASH) and Sony’s conference. Sony’s was crap last year so I hope they step up their game this time. Starting to feel that E3 hype, only about a month to go!

    1. Sony’s conference wasnt really crap, it was just disappointing since they pretty much showed the same games they showed in 2016 and 2017 E3 and TGS. thats what they get for announcing games so far in advance though.

    2. btw, Sony just announced their plans for this years E3 and its not looking good. its looking like its going to be another year with the same games.

  2. Speaking of Bethesda, I just started Skyrim last night, and so far I hate everything about it. It feels and looks SO outdated. Comparing it to the Wicher III and Breath Of The Wild was an insult to those games. I doubt I’ll start feeling any differently from further gameplay. But I’m not giving up just yet.

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