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NVIDIA Has Given Credit To The Switch For Helping The Company Have “A Strong Quarter With Growth Across Every Platform”

NVIDIA recently reported their quarterly revenue, which was “$3.21 billion for the three-month period that ended March 31st, 2018”. According to VentureBeat, this is “up 66% year-over-year from $1.94 billion”. The company had loads of success, and NVIDIA chief executive officer Jensen Huang explained why. Multiple things contributed to NVIDIA’s good fortunes, including the Nintendo Switch.

Huang said that “we had a strong quarter with growth across every platform. Gaming GPU growth was fueled by demand for the best experience while playing esports, momentum of the battle royale genre, and triple-A cinematic games. Tegra Processor business revenue — which includes SOC modules for the Nintendo Switch gaming console — was $442 million, up 33 percent from a year ago and down 2 percent sequentially.”



  1. Nintendo Switch 2 use Tegra Orin to future. Thats Chip come to pe 3,25 Tlop in the dock and 1,8tflop handheld!

    1. So basically still weaker than the PS4 Pro and XBox One X but more powerful than the basic models?
      Interesting, however, Orin is only being developed for Cars at the moment and I predict that we could see the possibility of the new Nintendo Switch systems to run a Tegra Parker chip with about 900GFlops portable and 1.5TFlops when docked.

      That chip would be more reasonable.

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