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US: The Voice Of Mario Charles Martinet Coming To TooManyGames 2018

chalres martinet

The wonderful Charles Martinet will be making a special appearance at the TooManyGames event which kicks off on June 22nd at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Centre in the United States. The iconic voice of Super Mario will be at the event meeting fans and signing autographs, so if you are going hopefully you will bump into him.

Thanks to Nicholas A for the news tip!

12 thoughts on “US: The Voice Of Mario Charles Martinet Coming To TooManyGames 2018”

  1. DANG, I wish some of these events were in my area. I’ve never got to experience anything even remotely like a gaming convention or comic con etc. They’re always hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. And always in the most populated areas. I’ll probably go my whole life never experiencing anything like these.

    1. Well, don’t despair… I thought like you once, but then my friend and I decided to do something about it and drove from Denmark to Cologne for 3 days of awesomeness at Gamescom. Actually now we go there every year. Back and forth it’s a “road trip” of about 2000 km… so don’t give up… just make the jump. :)

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    1. Every time I see a post about Charles Martinet, I’m afraid it’s going to say he died. I’m not sure why that’s always my first thought. Nothing shocked me more than when I read that post on this site about Iwata dying. That came out of nowhere.

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