Nintendo Switch

Alwa’s Awakening Will Release On The Nintendo Switch This Summer

Alwa’s Awakening is a “challenging NES-inspired adventure game” where you “use the magic staff to solve puzzles and defeat enemies”. Elden Pixels has released a brand new trailer today, revealing that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. We’ve included the trailer for you down below, so if you want to, feel free to check it out.




    1. I agree. 8-bit style turns me off from a lot of current indie games. I’m tired of seeing it. I’d much rather see 16/32-bit, it’s just more appealing to look at.

      I know these games take a lot of work, but I feel like a lot of indie devs choose the 8-bit style to cut back on development time and costs. I get why, but frankly it’s getting old.

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    2. Huh? Is there an argument for 16 over 8-bit that couldn’t be done again for 32 over 16, hd over sd, so on and so forth? Either you prefer a retro style to modern power, a subjective choice, meaning 8-bit is exactly as “good” as 16, or you want to grade on an objective scale, in which case you should be running material far beyond the capabilities of the genesis and SNES.

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  1. This looks pretty amazing! Insta-buy for me. Reminds me of a game prototype I worked on for school last year. Amusingly, it’s also made by a team from my city.


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