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The NES Classic Edition Will Be Back In Stores On June 29th

Nintendo has finally confirmed when more NES Classic Edition units would be returning to stores. The company said on Twitter that this would happen on June 29th. They also said that this and the SNES Classic Edition are “expected to be available through the end of the year”. In Japan, Famicom Minis will return to stores on the 28th. We’ve included Nintendo of America’s official tweet for you down below.


13 thoughts on “The NES Classic Edition Will Be Back In Stores On June 29th”

  1. I actually really hate this news, I’m going to be gone for 3 months without internet access (also there isn’t going to be a best buy either) starting June 25th. I can’t catch a break

  2. So, it’s still the same NES Classic that released before? No 50th Anniversary Edition with different games (like Japan’s Famicom Classic? I still don’t understand why it’s called the 50th Aniversary when the NES/Famicom isn’t that old). Looks like I’m going to standing for 3+ hours in line at Best Buy or somewhere again.

      1. I see. Too bad Nintendo can’t release an NES Classic 2, with all new games. But with the lack of supply, it’s hard to get excited over these. Even when Nintendo promises more supply to meet the demand, I still never see them anywhere.

  3. I’ve already got like 30 + NES titles on the modded SNES Classic. But will probably pick this up as well just to display on a shelf. Wonder if they modify controller cord length from the first run NES classic. 2 controllers this time? Probably not.

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