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E3 2018: If You Are Attending Bring Your Switch As Nintendo Is Handing Out Collectable Pins To Those Playing

It isn’t too long till the gaming event of the year begins as E3 2018 kicks off next month in Los Angeles. If you are attending the event Nintendo of America says to bring your Nintendo Switch console with you to the convention centre because representatives of the company will be handing out collectible pins if they spot you playing one. These pins have been made exclusively for E3 2018.



    1. I know it sounds stupid but ebay says other wise people will buy anything that came from e3 whether s it’s a poster pin and etc those super Mario odyssey theme stuff from last e3 sold like hot cakes

    2. It may just be a pin, but it’s a cool and generous offering from Nintendo and not many people are gona have one.
      A very nice Nintendo collectible!

      1. Especially if it’s that Metroid pin that reggie was wearing at a previous e3 or it might of been a direct.

    3. I wouldn’t bring my Switch just for a pin, but that’s because I usually have my Switch with me anyway. That said, if I was in that area during E3 I’d totally be trying to get one of those pins because it’d be something special.

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