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Platinum Games Says Bayonetta 3 For Nintendo Switch Is “Progressing Steadily”

Platinum  Games is keeping their cards close to their chests when it comes to their upcoming entry in the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch. Source Gaming recently had the chance to chat with Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba and a range of questions were answered. Here’s what was said about Bayonetta 3.

Nirbion: Okay, well then only one question about Bayonetta 3. How far is the development of Bayonetta 3?

Inaba: It’s progressing steadily. It’s difficult to say, but it is continuing. This time around, the development process is slightly different.

PushDustIn: What’s different this time around the development process? 

Inaba: There’s not much we can say at all, but there’s a lot of surprises left in store for the game. Things outside of expectations. Please look forward to it.



  1. Bayonetta bores me SO bad. Both watching it on YouTube and playing it. I hate everything about it. I’m dumbfounded at how so many people love the series. I don’t know why they think it’s/they’re fun. Pretty much the same way I feel about first person shooters, most sports games, dance games, karaoke games, and anime. Then again, life bores me. Takes a lot to excite me. Even Super Mario Odyssey bored me more than any major Mario title ever did. Everything seems to be falling onto that same path. I swear, Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing for Switch better be amazing. I was SO disappointed by how short Pikmin 3 was (and all of that boring fruit collection, instead of treasures).

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