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Super Neptunia RPG Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Autumn

Idea Factory has confirmed today via Twitter that Super Neptunia RPG is scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch in the autumn. The game is a beautiful 2D side-scroller and will also launch at the same time on Sony’s PlayStation 4. This will be the first time the Neptunia series has appeared on the Nintendo Switch so hopefully it’s well received.

3 thoughts on “Super Neptunia RPG Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Autumn”

  1. Hell Yeah!
    It’s finally happening, Nep Nep finally switching it up with nintendo!

    This game looks fun, can’t wait! ^^
    Hope that the main-line Neptunia games come to the switch too!

  2. At first I thought it said Super Neutopia and I was pretty excited for a sequel to the good Turbo Grafx Zelda clone. Oh well.

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