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Japan: Okami HD Will Be Releasing On The Switch On August 9th

There hasn’t been much news on Okami HD lately. However, the latest issue of Famitsu has changed that with a big announcement. Apparently, Okami HD will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in Japan on August 9th. There was no information on a western release date, but with E3 less than a month away, that info should be coming very soon.

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  1. A little later then I was expecting, but still good (hopefully sooner in the West). I may have to get Legend if Kay now to tide me over until then.

  2. Not played any version so really excited. Just feeling like time and wallet limitations may be frustrating this year. So many great games coming to the switch this year already, after E3 think it’s just going to be overload. Great times to be a gamer

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