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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Domain Names Registered

Update: Serebiit reports that it is the very same company that registered the official Pokemon Sun & Moon website domain. So this is no longer marked as a rumour.

This has been marked as rumour simply because at this point in time it’s not clear who has registered the domain names, but either Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, or an individual, has registered the domain names for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. We have heard previously from Emily that Pokemon for Nintendo Switch will be unveiled later this month and not at E3 2018 which takes place in June.


37 thoughts on “Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee Domain Names Registered”

    1. If I remember correctly, didn’t Nintendo renew the license for “Hey Pikachu!”? The titles look too odd to be considered a mainline game.

  1. Sometimes private persons register domains like this, just in case a company wants them, so they can sell it to them with some profit. Wouldn’t be surprised, if someone registered them, after the rumors came up.

  2. After doing more digging on this rumor, I’m pretty convinced it’s real. I guess we’ll find out soon. There’s just too much convincing evidence right now. If it does end up being a Kanto remake… then I’ll honestly be very happy. That’s exactly what I want. An HD gen 1 with all the expected modern gameplay improvements. But I’m not gonna get my hopes too high, incase it’s fake.

    1. Unfortunately if this is true it means that screenshot of Lapras probably is as well, so it’s not going to look much better than the 3ds games and have the same kind of restricted world This might be ok for some but is a major disappointment to me. Have to reserve judgement until it’s properly revealed though

      1. Honestly I’m not expecting a huge graphical leap in Pokemon switch. Gamefreak isn’t big in the graphics department. Ive prepared myself for the same type of game as the 3ds with more emphasis on story hopefully

      2. That would be a great idea. But, we don’t have the proper image of the new remake region or the new generation region. I think Nintendo is going a little bit of these conclusions that they have show us.

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  4. Just want to say after all the hype Switch owners put behind GF making Pokemon on Switch and it turning out to be a spin off I am going to laugh harder than I’ve laughed in years.

    They deserve a medal if they’ve successfully trolled the Switch fanboys into thinking they were getting mainline games and they are getting Pokemon Go garbage.

    1. They’re remakes of Kanto. How is that not a mainline game even if it includes connectivity with GO?

      1. On the basis the rumour is true (and its starting to look more likely now) this isn’t gen 8 and its using mechanics of a spin off game.

        Its not confirmed yet so we’ll see but this breaks a trend. Usually they just move on and remake later.

        1. It means they started with this and Gen 8 is next. I remember some people saying it was too soon for Gen 8 so I guess now they can be happy.

          Last I checked past remakes are still considered to be mainline games.

      1. I’ll add two points.

        1. Core doesn’t mean mainline. It means it uses core elements (which Pokemon Go did).

        2. There is no way in hell fans will accept Pokemon Go shenanigans as the way forward for the series. Pokemon Go lost players fast and all this will do is alienate fans of the mainline series because those fans don’t want Pokemon Go. They want PROPER games.

        So its either a spin off or Game Freak is about to kill the franchise.

      2. @ haruhisailormars

        1. Does Masuda consider Go a core pokemon game? Does anyone?

        2. Can we please not justify this ridiculous outrage? We HAVE NOT seen the games yet, so the fact that people are stressing themselves and others on some Go connectivity that could honestly be pretty cool is so stupid to me.

        Also, these assumptions that these aren’t mainline games and are spinoffs are also ridiculous. Maybe we should just assume Smash for Switch is a spin-off? Or maybe Bayo 3 is a spin-off. We haven’t seen any of those games yet, so who knows?

      3. Ray

        The thing is Bill said during the Treehouse “well I could talk about Pokemon Go all day but we have to move on” and they were STILL on it 40 minutes later. They were clearly hyping Go way beyond what it really was and yes they probably do consider it a “main” entry because of how successful it was. The problem is long term success for it has yet to be determined.

        And we are talking about the two companies that forced Iwata’s hand on mobiles because deluded tools like Ishihara actually think mobiles have stolen dedicated handheld users when the reality is these aren’t the same people.

        So are you absolutely sure they won’t do this?

  5. If i wanted to play a kanto remake id just boot up firered. This whole appealing to the nostalgic gen 1 players thing is getting old real fast. Kinda like how nintendo shoves 8 bit mario in to everything.

    1. But if this was really 8th generation then on 2019 wil be have a new Pokemon season. But they don’t even near to pokemon league (japan). I don’t want to make a comparison between them but this really could be a remake

  6. I don’t get what’s wrong with you guys? How are so many people writing this game off based only on the titles and some Pokémon go connectivity? You guys can’t be Nintendo fans. We haven’t even seen the games yet. And no, that Lapras screenshot is from ORAS.

      1. Sure, but I’ve never seen so many people write off a game for so many stupid reasons. We don’t know the extent of the connectivity with Go (which doesn’t even sound all that bad) and you guys are basing all of your (wrong) assumptions on a screenshot from an old ass game.

      2. I am not basing my criticism on the screenshot that passed here month-or-so earlier, it looks like fake to me. I am basing my criticism on the very weird naming and the connectivity with the Pokémon Go. I truly do not think this connectivity could bring that much players to the game, but it truly could ruin the game if done improperly (and we know how it ended last time when N connected Switch game – Splatoon 2 – with mobile application – Switch application & voicechat -, right?). Of course I know about the increase in Sun & Moon’s sales when Pokémon Go was in full swing, however that was because majority of the Go’s player was mainstream audience that was at the time obsessed with Pokémon and would buy anything with the Pokémon label on it. However, nowadays most of the Pokémon Go players are its core audience – fanboys, I could say – that play the game not because of Pokémon, but because they like the game itself. Therefore, I do not think any connectivity with the Pokémon Go would be useful today.

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