Nintendo Switch

Mario Tennis Aces For Nintendo Switch Download Size Is 2GB

The official Nintendo UK site has confirmed that the summer extravaganza which is Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch will be a 2GB download. The download size is listed on the site as 2000.68 MB. Mario Tennis Aces launches on the 22nd of June.




    1. Well, we don’t know how big the game is going to be, but this has nothing to do with sorcery. Switch is just a modern platform which can handle compression pretty fair for a handheld.


  1. Y’know, most of those other games that require additional downloads for not fitting into 16GB carts… They are actually ports of other games from more powerful consoles.
    Even Metroid Prime 4 will be less than 16GB.
    By the time other developers start building Switch games from ground up, the file sizes might get smaller, cos as Square Enix Said, they can build the basic version of the game with Switch as the benchmark, then add extras for the more powerful consoles.


      1. Breath of the Wild used a lot of the same textures and landscape tiles. Every shrines looked the same, and that save space. I bet Prime will have a lot more realistic looking textures compared to BotW, so there’s a chance there Prime will use a lot more space. Just because BotW has a vast landscape, it doesn’t mean games with smaller levels can’t have a bigger file size. If Prime got like 100 different enemies, compared to BotW colourswapped enemy range, it can also stack up some GBs.

        Although if the game are aiming for 60FPS, they’ll have to cut corners, so it could be a lot less. It’s way to early to confirm anything if Nintendo hasn’t said anything (even though file size has been a priority so far).


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