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Team Donnie Wins Latest Splatfest Battle

The results are now in from the North American and Europe Splatfest involving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The team which has won the latest round is Team Donnie so well done to all those who contributed to the win and also those who participated overall.



16 thoughts on “Team Donnie Wins Latest Splatfest Battle”

  1. Damn.
    I picked Raph because I thought he would be the least popular, and a twitter poll with a couple of thousand votes also reassured this. But of course… WRONG CHOICE!!!! Like always.

  2. Okay if there’s a known curse about this why has Nintendo done something! This pattern is crazy to me

    1. My thought is that the most popular team has to wait slightly longer to get a match, on average. This means that the likelihood that you’re not paying attention when the game starts, and therefore miss the first 20 seconds or so is slightly higher if you’re on the popular team. That might be enough to make a difference, since it would be extremely close to 50-50 in most cases anyway.

      1. I’ve noticed that the side that wins popularity is often the side that’s more likely to be picked by younger players. That’s been my best guess why the popular team wins.

      2. I just think the more popular team has the higher number of lousy players, and therefore the higher chance you’ll be on the team that loses that match, and on and on and so forth until the end.

    1. At first I thought it was the Splatoons artists interpretation of the Ninja Turtles so I didn’t think much of it. I then found out this is the design of a current TMNT series and I was like …..wtfudge lol

        1. Lol yeah, like, they had muscles before and looked healthy. These turtles look diseased 😂 but I think the most offensive thing about these designs are the weapons don’t match some turtles. They come off looking like a rip-off than the real deal.

      1. I was thinking the same… I didn’t even want to know, so thanks.
        I want to remember only the 80’s TMNT now.

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