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Pinball Arcade Out Now For Nintendo Switch

Farsight Studios has announced today that Pinball Arcade is now available for download on the Nintendo Switch console. The Pinball Arcade may be the most accurate and realistic pinball videogame ever created. The game features pinball tables from Stern, Sega, Data East and Gottlieb, to create the ultimate pinball collection.

Key Features Include:

  • DLC – 8 Table Packs, Custom Ball Packs coming soon.
  • ROM Emulation-100% accurate game play/graphics of real world machines
  • Leaderboards – Bragging rights over players world-wide for each table
  • Table Goals – Accomplishments tied to learning and mastering each table
  • Arcade Play – Single and multi-player games on any of the tables
  • Dynamic lighting cast from every light on the table
  • Real-time lighting, shadows, reflections of 100’s of lights per table
  • Joy-con and Touch controls supported.
  • Pro-Controller supported.
  • Portrait/TATE mode supported.
  • 60fps docked, handheld and tabletop.
  • Full HD (1080p) 60fps docked.

4 thoughts on “Pinball Arcade Out Now For Nintendo Switch”

    1. Sadly their license with the company that owns the tables ended and they had to remove over 60 tables from the game.

      Pretty much all the good ones are gone now except a few modern Stern tables. Total disaster for this game.

  1. if release this physicaly with 10 or more free play tables i buy. online pay and downloads is nothing for me..

    1. They released the Stern Pinball Arcade on a cart. Which has like 10/11 tables that are also on here.

      You can probably get it cheaper too that to buy the same tables from the digital packs in this version.

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