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E3 2018: Super Smash Bros Invitational Announcers Revealed

The official Nintendo website has confirmed the four announcers for the Super Smash Bros Invitational which will take place in Los Angeles next month. The four announcers are as follows:

This event will be the first time that the Nintendo Switch edition of Super Smash Bros will be played live and is sure to be an incredibly exciting and nail biting event. The Super Smash Bros Invitational 2018 will run June 11-12 at the Belasco Theater at 1050 S. Hill St. in Los Angeles.



31 thoughts on “E3 2018: Super Smash Bros Invitational Announcers Revealed”

  1. I don’t care I just want to see the game! Show me the game? I want to see it! SHOW IT TO ME!!
    And please bring back the Ice Climbers

      1. she’s either lying or retarded. people like you feel sorry for her then she gets to commentate. She sucks at it

  2. They better put a new Metroid characterer or two just like they did with Kirby in Brawl (Dedede and Meta Knight). Dark Samus desersves a spot en this Smash Switch.

    1. No Dark Samus, please. Isn’t it bad enough we have Dark Pit? Do you want Blood Falcon too? Or Keeby?

      1. not in terms of a clone, dumb-dumb. More like how Lucas and Ness differentiate. Have a bit of imagination, it is not that hard to vision a unique move set for a Dark Samus fighter or even an SA-X fighter.

        1. Even if you give her a different movement, she’s still a bland character. “Oh it’s Samus, but it’s the evil Samus.”

    2. Why Dark Samus of all characters? There wouldn’t be much of a different moveset so theres really no argument there.

    1. TK is a streamer on Twitch and a commentator for Smash Bros games.
      Jordan, I believe, hosted a Nintendo event years before.
      Vish…I honestly might have seen him once or twice as a commentator.
      Vikki…no idea tbh.

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