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Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Wants To Make A “Violent, Erotic And Heavy” M-Rated Game For Nintendo

With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 out of the way, Monolith Soft has been thinking about its next major project. What exactly that might be remains to be seen, but studio head Tetsuya Takahashi wants to make a “violent, erotic and heavy” M-rated game – one that pushes the boundaries of what is normally permitted by Nintendo. It isn’t explicitly clear as to whether he is referring to another Xenoblade title with a different direction, or a completely brand-new property that may or may not be another RPG.


90 thoughts on “Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Wants To Make A “Violent, Erotic And Heavy” M-Rated Game For Nintendo”

      1. but…. if the switch isn’t region locked…i mean, sure they dont have to release it here but you could simply order it from over seas, its not that hard and really not that expensive…so puritanical america doesn’t matter :)

        1. Unfortunately, Nintendo made that a problem in itself. If you get a game from another region, you need to make another account set to that region. And if that game just so happens to have online multiplayer, you will have to pay for the family paid online plan in order for that second account to even get online since, unlike on PS4 where if one account on the system has PS Plus then all accounts on the system can get online & stuff, the Switch does not allow it. Leave it to Nintendo to over-complicate something.

    1. “puritanical”…….

      Have you seen American television lately? The problem isn’t American attitudes about sex, it’s American attitudes about video games. They see the Senran Kagura and think “Video Games are for kids. They’re marketing porn to children. That’s inappropriate.” Marketing porn to children is inappropriate, it just so happens that video games have a much wider audience than these people imagine.

  1. Nintendo..! If you know what’s good for ya, you’ll fucking let Monolith Soft do this! … Please…

    (Disney will hopefully do the same with Deadpool if & when they are allowed to buy 21st Century Fox from Rupert Murdoch and let it continue to be an R rated movie series.)

    1. Disney already confirmed they wouldn’t mess with Deadpool. Also they’re no stranger to R rated movies. They just release them under a different name. Technically, Pulp Fiction is a Disney movie.

      1. I know. They should let Touchstone make more R rated movies since the original point of making the distribution label was to make more mature content & R rated falls under that. *looks up the Pulp Fiction thing* Oh! Had no idea Disney once owned Miramax & that PF was released shortly after Disney bought it.

  2. Sounds interesting. But hopefully it wouldn’t be edgy just for the sake of being edgy. It would have to keep the deeper themes, as seen in their xenoblade games. And it still has to have some fun and there. Dark and gritty mature games are already farrrrrr too common as it is. But I am interested to see what they would do. I wouldn’t mind some more heavy elements. As long as it has good characters.

    1. “But hopefully it wouldn’t be edgy just for the sake of being edgy. ”

      90% chance that’s exactly what it is. It’s a rare day when someone says “We need to make this movie a hard R” and mean anything other than adding some blood and boobs.

  3. I won’t buy it. I don’t really like M rated games. That is part of why I play Nintendo systems. My kids don’t need to see stuff like that.

    1. Then you act as a responsible parent and don’t let them play it. No reason to spoil the fun for everyone else.

        1. Duke & Edwards are fine as they aren’t insulting the guy. Now the 3rd guy, on the other hand. Of course, in defense of the original poster, I don’t get the impression he was shutting down the idea of this kind of game being made by a 1st party developer of Nintendo but merely pointing out it’s not a game he’ll buy because he’s got kids he doesn’t want exposed to such things & because he himself isn’t really a fan of. (I could be wrong, though.)

      1. Jeez, did you read the guy’s comment? He just said “I won’t buy it.” He never said “Please don’t make this” or “Anybody who wants this is trash.” No need to call him thoughtless or lame for attempting to be a good parent.

      2. “What is the point of his comment then? Why did he need to express that concern if it won’t bother him in the first place?”

        It’s a discussion board. Nobody else ever needs to give personal justification for expressing their opinion on any other game. Why does he need to all of a sudden?

        You give off the impression that your ego has been desperately threatened by someone being uninterested in M-rated games.

      3. @Duke Pretty much the same as the guy above says. It’s a public forum so… opinions will be shared. And you shared yours but it was kind of a confrontational response moreso than an opinion. Again… I point out he really didn’t say anything inflammatory at all in his original comment.

  4. Judging from what Ninty did with Captain Rainbow (The Vibrator under the Pillow) I hope they don’t push the boundaries of erotic…. Bayonetta is erotic enough.

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  6. And to think that some characters in XC2 were more of a fan service… i mean, big boobs, skirts, tight clothing, cute ladies… ok you have my permission to do this…

  7. In a world, which is terrorized by SJWs and Feminists, one company dares the impossible quest; to make a naughty, naughty game!

    Heavy Metal FAKK 2
    Coming soon!

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  9. Not buying a damn thing from this company again. Not for me, not what I want to support, not even mildly interesting. Sounds embarrassing and dumb. If they simply want to go for the teenage boy fapping into a sock demographic than I’m out.

    1. No, but seriously. You are over-reacting. I get if you don’t want it yourself but you are giving the impression that everyone else that does want or like it should be screwed over. That’s what I call selfish since, as another pointed out, you can just not buy the game.

      1. You literally always respond with boring shit. I have every right to express myself also, buy what I want, and judge other ppl by the content of their actions also. Deal with it? Do you and move on with the weird shit than. Don’t care

        1. Not saying you can’t have an opinion. Just saying your opinion is self centered as, like I said, you don’t have to buy it. Clearly you are one of those radical puritans or, I don’t like to use this word but if the shoe fits, SJWs, or radical feminists. By the way, you should get rid of your phone, computer, & everything else you own, too, since they all allow this kind of content, as well.

            1. Well I have a right to express my opinion, too. My opinion is people like you are funny. Getting so worked up over FICTIONAL, digital characters showing skin or being sexual. I can only imagine how you people react at the sight of real people showing off skin or being sexual. Do your eyes bleed or something?

              1. This has nothing to do with flesh or an argument about being puritanical. It has to do with cheap ideas, lack of class, maturity, and quality. 90s comics were high of in this bullshit and its an atoricious time in comic art and stories. We’ve been here. I want better for these developers cause I know they can make great gameplay, I want their audience to be wider because I want them to sell EVEN more. Since you clearly arguing and equally making a stink against someone and sonething else than I’m done. You fanboys can’t handle it.

                1. You can show skin & still have class, be mature, & be of high quality. Honestly, it’s a lot more immature to think any form of nudity, a very natural state of being, or sensuality is this indecent, classless, immature thing of low quality. I’m willing to agree to disagree but I got the impression you are too busy looking down from your pedestal thinking everyone that doesn’t share your viewpoint is wrong. Can’t debate with someone with a narcissistic viewpoint that immediately throws insults when someone dares to share a different opinion.

                  1. You literally calling anyone who criticizes fanservice a puritan as if there isn’t nuisance to the issue. Than you acting like I’m the one on a pedastal. You really have to stop reflecting. A developer who says they are making a violent erotic game isn’t making anything mature, it babes and guns all over again and never have I ever seen smart fanservice. I’d be down with nudity in anything such as film scenes and books where intimacy is explored in smart tender way BUT you know that’s not what’s gonna happen at all. Some chick is just gonna be wearing a napkin with boob psychics and some combat system where you upgrade her or unlock new outfits or some other nonsense. YOU KNOW ITS GONNA BE THIS DUMB. But since you are on a stupid crusade to fight against anyone who knows this shit is dumb cause “those darn sjws!!!” You keep being fighting that dumb fight.

                    what ever dumb hill you want to die on.

                    I’d actually respect you more if you’d give up the pathetic crusade and just admit you want to play this shit and want more erotic games since I know that’s what your deal is anyway lol

                    1. I do want that kind of stuff, to a degree, but only if a good story is also involved. The Bayonetta series & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are good examples of good stories; least to me, anyway. All the fanservice in them doesn’t take away from that for me. You can have dumb fanservice & STILL give a good game, anime, movie, etc. But some people only want to focus on the fanservice which is unfortunate. More importantly, I want Nintendo to kill this stupid “Nintendo can only make family friendly games” mentality some people have. If it means creating a few games with “dumb” fanservice in them and chasing certain people off, so be it.

                    2. And Nintendo should be allowed to make a few M rated, fanservice-y games that attract another group of people. If some people want to throw a temper tantrum & quit getting all things Nintendo because they are making a few games that attract another group of people, all I gotta say is good riddance. These people have held Nintendo back for far too long, anyway.

                      1. I have no problem with Nintendo’s family friendly image. The people whining most are aging dudes too insecure to now be associated with Nintendo’s cute stuff. Not my problem. If they really cared about good gameplay regardless of content than they wouldn’t be crying about the family friendly nonsense to begin with. I never said I was gonna stop buying all Nintendo games either. Just bought and beat Bloodstained actually. I’ve seen zero ppl claim that. Bayonetta and Xenoblade Chronicles aren’t particularly smart story-wise imo. Great gameplay but when I think of a game that’s mature and smart I feel like Dark Souls is a way better example. Which is coming to the switch. In fact rated M games have been on Nintendo systems. Its just that when ppl think Nintendo they think Mario, Zelda, DK, Kirby etc because the best or first party stuff is cuter or family friendly. I wish ppl would worry less about needing fanservice and violence for something to be ” mature” when there’s a clear difference anyway with something just having adult content and something ACTUALLY being Mature.

              2. Well I have a right to express my opinion, too. My opinion is people like you are hilarious. Getting so worked up over FICTIONAL, digital characters showing skin or being sensual/erotic. I can only imagine how you people react at the sight of real people showing off skin or being sensual/erotic. Do your eyes bleed or something? (I keep forgetting WordPress has a thing about putting the “awaiting moderation” thing up when people use the term s e x u a l. Silly WordPress.)

                1. Ya you sure got me, man. I just hate skin and am a total Christian lolol… I’m an athiest lesbian soo…

                  Me: titty game sounds like an immature and dumb idea. I’m not interested so not buying

                  You: this sjw feminazi hates human flesh!!!!

                  Just shuuuut up. You’re the one making a WAY bigger deal outta this. You could just ignore and buy game anyway regardless so?? Instead you want to be making assumptions and throwing out stupid embarrassing buzzwords and nonsense.

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      1. They’d most likely create a new Xeno series as it wouldn’t make sense to make the next entry of Xenoblade an M rated game when every other entry has been rated T. Especially if the game ended up being a direct sequel to Xenoblade 2 as some fans of that game might not be old enough to buy the next entry as they are still underage.

    3. If this becomes a thing, I’m not getting it, BUT I understand that it appeals to others. I just wonder why Mr. Takahashi wants to take the next project in this direction. Is it just for shock value, or to tell a solid story with intense moments? The limited info makes it sound like the former.

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