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Video: Jimmy Fallon Gets First Hands-On Play Of Mario Tennis Aces On Nintendo Switch

Jimmy Fallon recently went hands-on with Mario Tennis Aces, courtesy of Nintendo of America and Reggie Fils-Aime. You can check out his time with the upcoming Nintendo Switch title in the video below, where he plays as Mario and Bowser in an attempt to take down Toad and Waluigi. Mario Tennis Aces is set to arrive on June 22. A free pre-launch tournament for the game will take place from June 1 to June 3 for all Nintendo Switch owners.


  1. Old news xD
    But still, I have just realized that the fire that appears showing the player’s score is based on the character’s emblem colour, as when he plays with Mario it is red but with Bowser it is black. That’s a real neat little detail.

  2. Old news or not, I am so pumped for Mario Tennis, nothing but fun and hopefully a challenging campaign.

    Bringing back the couch days of looking at my buddy as I just cleaned him out in a perfect game whilst he does everything in his power to not look back and see that ugly annoying face i’m pulling just to P him off, the good ol days lol


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