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Australia: Target Selling All Wii U Games For $5 Each

Bargain hunters in Australia that own Nintendo’s Wii U console will want to head down to their local Target store, if there is one near you, as the retailer is shifting all its Wii U games for $5 each. The news was spotted by Reset Era member PaulloDEC. The user managed to get a number of Wii U games for $25 including the excellent Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 amongst others.


16 thoughts on “Australia: Target Selling All Wii U Games For $5 Each”

  1. Is this really real I never seen any retail did that I mean heck even some Wii games maintain the same value after couple of years, but with the Wii U they just drop it

  2. “The user managed to get a number of Wii U games for $25”
    But, I thought they were only $5.00. Unless that meant they got 5 Wii U games for only $25.00. That’s not worded right.

    Man, if this happened at MY Target store, I’d buy every Wii U game they had (if I didn’t already have them). Unless of course there was dozens of different games.

      1. You might as well pirate an iso copy. A random store won’t care, Nintendo won’t care, since it’s a two-gen old licensed game, and the creators won’t care (much), since it’s just a cash grab. Just don’t mod the Switch (and I can’t confirm anything with the Wii U).

  3. I bought a sealed copy of Tokyo Mirrage Sessions #FE for $18 a few days ago at a Walmart near where I live, last one they had also.

    I thought that price was a pretty good deal for it, considering that buying it download is still $60, Gamestop has it used on their site for around $40 and a new physical copy is nowhere else to be found.

    But damn this thing for $5 for each game is basically giving them away for free

  4. Meanwhile, my Target still has all their Wii U games at $60, right next to Switch games being discounted. Once Mario Kart 8 and MK8 Deluxe were side by side. MK8D had a discounted price while MK8 was still full price (and it still is).

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